Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Wednesday 03/14/2012 Garid Beeler TOPS
Sunday 03/11/2012 Barry Stagner You Aren't What You Eat
Sunday 03/04/2012 Garid Beeler Who is at Your Door
Wednesday 02/29/2012 Dave Landis When God Speaks
Sunday 02/26/2012 Rick Myers Can You Hear Me Now
Wednesday 02/22/2012 Dave Roberts Treasure of Salvation
Sunday 02/19/2012 Barry Stagner Organic Christinanity 100 Percent Supernatural
Wednesday 02/15/2012 Barry Stagner His Story in the Making
Sunday 02/12/2012 Barry Stagner Don't be Trip'n
Wednesday 02/08/2012 Barry Stagner It's About to Get Good