Listen Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series
     Tuesday 10/16/2012 Rhonda Landis Power of Exchange
     Monday 10/15/2012 Don Stewart Prophecy of Ezekiel
     Sunday 10/14/2012 Barry Stagner Are You Out of Your Mind?
     Wednesday 10/10/2012 Barry Stagner The Counterfeit Christ
     Monday 10/08/2012 Don Stewart Intro to Prophecy - Part 5
     Sunday 10/07/2012 Barry Stagner The Greatly Mistaken
     Tuesday 10/02/2012 Julie Maxham Power of Navigation
     Monday 10/01/2012 Don Stewart Intro to Prophecy - Part 4
     Sunday 09/30/2012 Barry Stagner Citizens of Heaven
     Wednesday 09/26/2012 Barry Stagner Frenemies of God