Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Thursday 08/16/2012 Chad Williams Steak and Study II
Wednesday 08/15/2012 Barry Stagner A Deal with the Devil
Monday 08/13/2012 Don Stewart Apologetics Part IV
Sunday 08/12/2012 Barry Stagner Blind Sight
Wednesday 08/08/2012 Barry Stagner Awsome In Power
Monday 08/06/2012 Don Stewart Apologetics Part III
Sunday 08/05/2012 Barry Stagner 3G; God, Goofballs and Glory
Monday 07/30/2012 Don Stewart Apologetics Part II
Sunday 07/29/2012 Barry Stagner Less is More Part II
Wednesday 07/25/2012 Barry Stagner Song of Deliverance