Listen Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series
     Sunday 02/10/2013 Barry Stagner Bad Company
     Wednesday 02/06/2013 Terry & Nancy Clark Praise Night withTerry & Nancy Clark
     Tuesday 02/05/2013 Julie Maxham Hebrews 4
     Monday 02/04/2013 Don Stewart Ezekiel 39 - Gog under Compulsion
     Sunday 02/03/2013 Barry Stagner The Kiss of Death
     Wednesday 01/30/2013 Barry Stagner Capital "G"
     Tuesday 01/29/2013 Jennifer Timmermans Hebrews 3
     Monday 01/28/2013 Don Stewart Great Shaking in Israel
     Sunday 01/27/2013 Barry Stagner Zero Hour
     Wednesday 01/23/2013 Barry Stagner A Time of Refreshing