Listen Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series
     Sunday 04/21/2013 Barry Stagner The Existence Dilemma
     Wednesday 04/17/2013 Barry Stagner Full Time Position
     Monday 04/15/2013 Don Stewart Current Events - Q & A
     Sunday 04/14/2013 Barry Stagner Full Throttle
     Sunday 04/07/2013 Barry Stagner It's Hard to Un-Believe
     Monday 04/01/2013 Don Stewart Millenium view of Ezekiel 38-39
     Sunday 03/31/2013 Barry Stagner The Tombstone
     Friday 03/29/2013 Barry Stagner But Not For Long
     Wednesday 03/27/2013 Barry Stagner Dumb as a Post
     Tuesday 03/26/2013 Sandy Mittry Hebrews 9