Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Sunday 10/01/2017 Barry Stagner Grace Mountain Hebrews 12:25-29 Grace
Sunday 09/24/2017 Barry Stagner Rise Up and Walk Acts 3:1-10 Acts
Wednesday 09/20/2017 Barry Stagner Spiritual Formation Relevant
Sunday 09/17/2017 Barry Stagner Right From The Start Acts 2:40-47 Acts
Wednesday 09/13/2017 Barry Stagner The Master's Touch Mark 8:22-26 Relevant
Sunday 09/10/2017 Barry Stagner Truth That Makes Free Acts 2:22-39 Acts
Sunday 09/03/2017 Barry Stagner The Grace Exchange Colossians 3:13-17 Grace
Wednesday 08/30/2017 Barry Stagner Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-16 Relevant
Sunday 08/27/2017 David Hocking The Worship of Heaven Revelation 4-5 Guest Speaker
Wednesday 08/23/2017 Barry Stagner Let There Be Light Genesis 1:1-5 Relevant