Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Sunday 03/24/2013 Barry Stagner A Miraculous Darkness
Wednesday 03/20/2013 Barry Stagner The Divine M.O.
Tuesday 03/19/2013 Julie Maxham Hebrews 8
Monday 03/18/2013 Don Stewart Pre-Tribulational view of Ezekiel 38-39
Sunday 03/17/2013 Barry Stagner The Exact Opposite
Wednesday 03/13/2013 Barry Stagner Dead or Alive
Tuesday 03/12/2013 Teri Stagner Hebrews 7
Monday 03/11/2013 Don Stewart Review Ezekiel 38 -Thomas Ice on Psalm 83 Battle
Sunday 03/10/2013 Barry Stagner An Uncommon Criminal
Tuesday 03/05/2013 Jennifer Timmermans Hebrews 6