Listen Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series
     Sunday 11/03/2013 Barry Stagner Look Alive
     Sunday 10/27/2013 Barry Stagner Identity Theft
     Wednesday 10/23/2013 Barry Stagner The Hinderers
     Sunday 10/20/2013 Barry Stagner The Liberty of the Law
     Wednesday 10/16/2013 Barry Stagner The End of the Beginning
     Monday 10/14/2013 Don Stewart 1967 - Jerusalem Reunited - The Lost Ark
     Sunday 10/13/2013 Barry Stagner The Control Mechanism
     Wednesday 10/09/2013 Barry Stagner After the Fall
     Monday 10/07/2013 Don Stewart 1948 - The Modern State of Israel
     Sunday 10/06/2013 Barry Stagner Dead and Alive