Listen Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series
     Wednesday 07/30/2014 Barry Stagner Q&A with Barry & Don
     Monday 07/28/2014 Dr. Terry Mortenson Noah's Flood - Washing Away Millions of Years
     Sunday 07/27/2014 Dr. Terry Mortenson The Origin of the Species - Was Darwin Right?
     Sunday 07/27/2014 Bryan Osborne Dinosaur Delusion - Dinosaurs, Dragons and The Bible
     Sunday 07/27/2014 Dr. Terry Mortenson Creation vs Evolution
     Wednesday 07/23/2014 Barry Stagner A Symphony of Praise Revelation 4:8-5:1 Revelation
     Sunday 07/20/2014 Barry Stagner Church Life
     Wednesday 07/16/2014 Barry Stagner Around The Throne Revelation 4:1-8 Revelation
     Sunday 07/13/2014 Barry Stagner The Best and The Rest
     Wednesday 07/09/2014 Barry Stagner Jesus' work in the Egyptian Church