Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Sunday 09/14/2014 Barry Stagner Praying Like A Boss
Wednesday 09/10/2014 Don Stewart Intro to Revelation 6 - 7 Seals Revelation 6 Revelation
Sunday 09/07/2014 Barry Stagner God Wins
Sunday 08/31/2014 Barry Stagner Blessed Up or Messed Up (The Choice is Yours)
Sunday 08/24/2014 Don McClure The Preeminence of Christ
Wednesday 08/20/2014 Barry Stagner An Ominous Amen Revelation 5:11-14 Revelation
Sunday 08/17/2014 Barry Stagner The Bread and The Cup
Wednesday 08/13/2014 Barry Stagner Jesus: Judge of Heaven and Earth Revelation 5:7-10 Revelation
Sunday 08/10/2014 Barry Stagner The Last Word
Wednesday 08/06/2014 Barry Stagner The Lion is The Lamb Revelation 5:1-6 Revelation