Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Sunday 10/19/2014 Don Stewart Signs of Things to Come
Wednesday 10/15/2014 Don Stewart An Interlude of Fours Revelation 7:1-8 Revelation
Sunday 10/12/2014 Barry Stagner Downright Upright
Wednesday 10/08/2014 Barry Stagner The Earth Dwellers Revelation 6:12-14 Revelation
Sunday 10/05/2014 David Hocking What You Should Know About Israel
Wednesday 10/01/2014 Barry Stagner Know Fear Revelation 6:12-14 Revelation
Sunday 09/28/2014 Barry Stagner The Physics of Praise
Wednesday 09/24/2014 Barry Stagner Almost There Revelation 6 Revelation
Sunday 09/21/2014 Barry Stagner Lord Of All Creation
Wednesday 09/17/2014 Don Stewart Who is The Rider? Revelation 6:1-8 Revelation