Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Sunday 12/28/2014 Barry Stagner A Need To Know Basis
Sunday 12/21/2014 Barry Stagner The Greatest Story Never Told
Wednesday 12/17/2014 Barry Stagner Hell on Earth Revelation 9:1-12 Revelation
Sunday 12/14/2014 Bryce Turi Bearing Much Fruit
Sunday 12/07/2014 Barry Stagner The Creation Proclamation
Sunday 11/30/2014 Barry Stagner Pulling Down Strongholds
Sunday 11/23/2014 Barry Stagner Blessed Are The Blessable
Sunday 11/16/2014 Barry Stagner The Facts of Life
Wednesday 11/12/2014 Barry Stagner The Last Call Revelation 8:6-13 Revelation
Sunday 11/09/2014 Barry Stagner Godliness Defined