Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Wednesday 07/25/2012 Barry Stagner Song of Deliverance
Tuesday 07/24/2012 Mary Story So Long, Insecurity
Monday 07/23/2012 Barry Stagner Apologetics Part I
Sunday 07/22/2012 Barry Stagner Less is More (Part I)
Wednesday 07/18/2012 Barry Stagner That's Why We Praise Him
Tuesday 07/17/2012 Julie Maxham So Long, Insecurity
Sunday 07/15/2012 Barry Stagner Trouble in Paradise
Wednesday 07/11/2012 Barry Stagner Justice For All
Tuesday 07/10/2012 Michele Rossignol So Long, Insecurity
Sunday 07/08/2012 Barry Stagner The Real Jesus