Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Wednesday 11/28/2012 Barry Stagner Rest Assured
Sunday 11/25/2012 Barry Stagner The Return
Monday 11/19/2012 Don Stewart Ezekiel 38-39 Introduction
Sunday 11/18/2012 Barry Stagner Fatal Attraction
Wednesday 11/14/2012 Barry Stagner Failing Forward
Tuesday 11/13/2012 Julie Maxham Power of Return
Monday 11/12/2012 Don Stewart Prophecy of Ezekiel
Sunday 11/11/2012 Barry Stagner Carpe Diem
Tuesday 11/06/2012 Rhonda Landis Power of Instruction
Monday 11/05/2012 Don Stewart Prophecy of Ezekiel - Preview of 33-37 (P3)