Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Sunday 01/20/2013 Barry Stagner Defeating Defeat
Wednesday 01/16/2013 Barry Stagner PFC
Tuesday 01/15/2013 Julie Maxham Hebrews 1
Monday 01/14/2013 Don Stewart Ezekiel 38 - Invader will be Summoned
Sunday 01/13/2013 Barry Stagner Remote Control
Wednesday 01/09/2013 Barry Stagner The Fear Fighters
Tuesday 01/08/2013 Rhonda Landis Introduction to Hebrews
Monday 01/07/2013 Don Stewart Ezekiel 38 - Persia, Ethiopia & Put
Sunday 01/06/2013 Barry Stagner Power to the People
Wednesday 01/02/2013 Barry Stagner New Year's "Restitution"